Plants In Modern Interior Design

Brining the outdoor to the indoor is a widely used concept that is loved by everyone. It is true that plants beautify anything when its added to it, especially architecture. Interior design uses this strategy to sustain the micro climate within the apartment or house. Aesthetics are key to design and plants form a big part of it.

Monstera Plant

Monstera deliciosa
Img Source: Bloom and grow radio

Also known as Swiss cheese plant, monsteras are widely used as indoor plants all around the globe. They bring a tropical vibe to the interiors and electrify any place with their unusual split leaves

Space: Living rooms, gardens or any social space

Fig Tree

Ficus lyrata
Img Source: The Tree Centre

The fig tree with its bold villain shaped leaves make an excellent addition to modern homes.

Space: Living room, study, lobby


Img Source: Terrain

Succulents make for an ideal indoor plant as they’re vey low maintenance and they can add a chic factor to any space. These plants are very popular because of their striking and unique appearance. They vary in shapes, sizes and colours. They are perfect for bedrooms.

Space: Bedrooms, bathrooms

Snake Plant

Dracaena trifasciata
Img Source: Ansel & Ivy

The sleek, architectural leaves with a rather unique texture can bring the cool element to  a study or a work place.

Space: Study, office, living room


Img Source: Stuck on You

A classic ornamental plant that can be used in gardens or even indoors, they are perfect and always aesthetic. These evergreen plants look amazing and can also bring the rainforests indoor with its lush green foliage.

Space: literally anywhere


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