Chop Box

The Yes Company Launches Self-Sanitizing Cutting Board !
ChopBox is an all-in-one smart cutting board with built in features to make weighing, cutting, and cooking your food easier than ever. Now no more need to buy, store, and clean 5 different kitchen gadgets.

Cutting boards are used in most kitchens around the world and have yet to be really changed or revolutionized. The Yes Company aims to change the kitchen game by saving home cooks time, money, and the hassle of having to locate, clean, and store various kitchen tools.

ChopBox is made of 100% natural organic bamboo and is extremely durable and sturdy. It can hold up to 150 pounds and is only 35 millimeters thick, so it’s easy to store. Unlike less dense woods, bamboo is considered a “low maintenance wood,” and does not require regular oiling or waxing. It is very hard and dense, so it keeps water out of the wood itself so it will not warp or crack as other woods can, and bamboo is naturally resistant to knife scarring.

With two cutting surfaces, users can switch between raw meat and seafood to other foods without stopping or worrying about cross-contamination. Users can also use the smaller cutting board for food scraps, as an area to store cut foods, and for transferring your chopped food to the stove.

Both surfaces are disinfected by the same built-in UV-C light. ChopBox includes a food scale that weighs in both grams and ounces, so cooks always get the perfect portion and has a 10-hour kitchen timer using an LED bamboo skin. On the side of the cutting board are two different sizes of knife sharpeners so users never have to stop what they are doing to find another tool again. In addition to food preparation, the ChopBox is a perfect food presentation platter for parties and guests! It can be used as two separate serving platters or as the perfect cheese or charcuterie board with the second surface coming out from the bottom to hold cheese knives and catch any drips.

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