When it comes to designing a space, we initiate painting a picture starting with neutral tones and then blend other colors with it. Back then, gray was never a part of home interiors. With time, the trend has changed in India and people have started incorporating shades of grey in their homes. 

People often relate dark colors to negativity, depressed or dull moods. I have had some clients asking me to refrain from using grey in the house as they thought of grey as not so pleasant or rather dull. Sometimes I have managed to change their minds by sampling the right shades on the walls and finally going ahead with it with their consent, of course. It is often assumed that dark or deep colors are related to industrial spaces, showrooms or any sort of retail space. 

For your knowledge, you must know that the influence of grey at home has come from the Scandinavian countries. It has been an evolving color in India now. I will not deny admitting, this color has taken its due course of time to make it to the palette of favorite colors for many designers, including me. Grey is a new neutral for us. We love grey. Most colors blend well with the shades of grey.

Choosing the right shade can bring in a lot of variations to the space. It reflects minimal, modern, dramatic and sophistication when paired with the right colors and textures.

Dark colors create the apt mood. When used in small spaces where there is no source of natural light, it makes the space very bold and dramatic. Areas like entryway, powder room, passage or even the ceiling with dark colors will totally transform the space. 

In my opinion, when darker colors are combined with mood lights, they give out a cosy vibe at evenings. 

Using deep dark or navy blue colors will create a classic combination with white. Not necessarily using wall paint, but also in terms of furniture upholstery or fittings. Right now, I am obsessing with black shower fittings. I have designed three bathrooms with black / dark elements but they all look completely different from each other.

From one of our project

Mind you, these are not large sized bathrooms; I have used colors in a way that the space does not look too heavy and small

I also believe using dark colors to any space brings out its identity. It also makes the space look powerful and strong. When used in a space where ample natural light is filtering, I feel the dark colors looses its power.

I hope this helped you to widen your perspective about dark colors at home. Do try playing with good combinations of a dark and a neutral tone! 

“We love to create spaces that are inviting and embarks good energy”


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